• Located in the USA, trusted worldwide for over 10 years
  • Over 44,000 passwords removed
  • SSL secure site
  • Instant Download & worldwide shipping
  • CD & USB versions included
  • Removes any local Windows password on all versions & service packs
  • Easy to use graphical interface
  • 100% success rate
  • Displays, resets & enables user account
  • Completely safe, doesn't alter any files or programs
  • For home, office, repair shops, field technician's and more
  • Fast & Friendly Microsoft Certified technical support
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    Use our Instant Download to remove your Windows logon password right now.

    On a working computer, you begin by downloading the file. Then simply insert a blank CD/DVD or USB thumb-drive, run the downloaded file & click a button. Your boot device will be ready in about a minute.

    No need to invite a complete stranger into your home, or having to drop your computer off at an expensive repair shop, only to wait for a technician to look at it.

    Click HERE to order.

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    Get our shipped Password Reset USB thumb-drive, shipped worldwide. Printed instructions with screen-shots are included.

    Includes our Instant Download!

    There's no other way to remove your password, without a reset tool. Don't reinstall Windows & lose all your valuable programs & data.

    Password Reset is the safest solution available!

    Click HERE to order.

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    Password Reset is a state of the art boot CD or USB thumb-drive you use to start up your computer. It displays a list of your usernames & allows you to remove your forgotten password with simple click of the mouse. It works with all versions & service packs of Microsoft Windows.

    No special tools or installation discs are needed. Just insert the reset tool, start up your computer & follow the on-screen instructions. Once your are finished resetting your password, simply restart your computer and a password will not be required in order to log in.

    If desired, a new password can then be set up in order to keep your computer secure from unauthorized use.

    Don't re-install Windows and lose all your programs & data. With our Password Reset solution, you can log back into your computer as if nothing ever happened.

    Instant Download & Worldwide shipping on an 4GB USB Thumb-Drive are available HERE

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