• Located in the USA
  • Over 10 years removing passwords
  • SSL secure site
  • Instant Download & Shipping available
  • CD & USB versions
  • Removes any local Windows password on all versions & service packs
  • Easy to use graphical interface
  • 100% success rate
  • Displays, resets, enables any local user account
  • Completely safe, doesn't alter any files or programs
  • For home, office, repair shops, field technician's and more
  • Friendly technical support provided
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    Save money by using our Instant Download to remove your forgotten Windows login password NOW!

    If you have access to a working computer, you can create our password removal tool yourself, and log back into Windows in just a few minutes.

    No waiting. Order our Instant Download version and you will immediately receive our step-by-step instructions & download link. No special tools are required. Just a blank CD/DVD-R or USB thumb-drive.

    Click the $39.99 button above, or go to our SSL secure Purchase page for immediate access to our download.

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    Order our shipped password reset tool on an 8 GB USB thumb-drive. Full printed instructions are included.

    Shipping is available WorldWide!

    Click the $39.99 button above, or go to our SSL secure Purchase page to have our Password Reset tool shipped today.

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    Password Reset is a specially formatted CD or USB thumb-drive, which displays your usernames & allows you to remove your forgotten password with simple click of your mouse. It works with all versions of Microsoft Windows.

    No special tools or installation discs are needed. Just insert the reset tool, start up your computer & follow the on-screen instructions. Once your are finished resetting your password, simply restart your computer and a password will not be required in order to log in.

    If desired, a new password can then be set up in order to keep your computer secure from unauthorized use.

    Don't re-install Windows and lose all your programs & data. With Password Reset, you can log back into your computer, as if nothing ever happened.

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