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Windows Password Removal Since 2005 - Over 45,430 Passwords Reset



Remove your forgotten Windows password

Bypass Windows Live & e-mail login accounts

Supports all Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP & Server versions

Instant Download & Worldwide Shipping available

Keep all your programs and files

100% Safe & Guaranteed 

Microsoft Certified Support

Did you forget your Windows login password?

Forgetting your Windows password isn't as bad as some will make you believe it is. No need to reinstall Windows, no expensive technician, just a fast, easy to use software solution and you're back in. 

What is Password Reset?

Password Reset is a start-up device which allows you to remove a forgotten Windows password yourself, without having to take your computer to a repair shop. This saves you a considerable amount of money. 

Exactly how does the software work?

Once you have our start up device, you simply insert it into the computer with the forgotten password and power it on. Your computer will then display the screens that you will navigate through to remove your password. The entire process only takes a few minutes.

Why should you choose Password Reset?

Password Reset has been family owned and operated for over 10 years, and offers fast, friendly, honest, service you just can't find anywhere else. We strive to make your unfortunate problem into a smooth, worry free solution that you will not forget. 

You DO NOT have to reinstall Windows to fix your password problem!

Many sources will tell you that the only way to fix a forgotten password problem with Microsoft Windows is to wipe your hard drive clean and start over with a fresh installation. This is 100% not true! Using Password Reset, you can remove your forgotten Windows password.

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