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Forgotten Windows Password Removal

Use our state of the art password removal tool to remove your forgotten Windows password. Works on all Windows versions & service packs. Shipped worldwide, or use our Instant Download.

Password Reset Premium USB thumb-drive

Our Password Reset Premium USB thumb-drive, comes with everything you need to remove your forgotten Windows password. Worldwide shipping available.

Password Reset Premium Instant Download

Our Premium Instant Download allows you to remove your forgotten Windows Password using a USB thumb-drive or CD/DVD-R. No waiting, log back into your computer now.

Don't Reinstall Windows

If you’ve been told that you must reinstall Windows in order to get into your computer, this is simply not true. Password Reset can get you logged back in without having to reinstall your operating system. No Windows installation discs are needed.


Located in the USA, Trusted worldwide
Over 44,000 passwords removed
USB & CD versions
Friendly user interface
Microsoft Certified support
Compatible with all versions of Windows

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Huntington Beach, CA 92648
Phone: 714-887-7765

Local Walk-in Service:
9803 Adams Ave
Huntington Beach, CA 92646

Shipped USB Thumb-Drive

Get our Password Reset 4GB USB thumb-drive, shipped worldwide. Includes everything you need to remove your forgotten Windows login password.

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Instant Download

Use our Instant Download to remove your Windows logon password now. Remove your forgotten Windows password in minutes. Guaranteed!

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Works with all versions

Password Reset works with all versions & service packs of Microsoft Windows, including the new Windows 10, Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP & all Server versions. Domain controller support is also provided.

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Why Use Password Reset?

Password Reset has been the #1 leader in Windows password removal for over 10 years, and has helped thousands of users get logged back into their computers. With over 50,000 passwords reset since our website was launched in 2005, we can safely get you logged back into Windows as well.

How Password Reset Works

Password Reset is a state of the art CD or USB thumb-drive, used to start up your computer system. It then displays a list of your usernames & allows you to remove your forgotten password with simple click of the mouse. It works with all versions & service packs of Microsoft Windows.

No special tools or installation discs are needed. Simply insert the reset tool, start up your computer & follow the prompts. When finished, restart your computer and a password will not be required in order to log in.

If desired, a new password can then be set up in order to keep your computer secure from unauthorized use.

If you have forgotten your Windows login password, we can help.

Don’t reinstall Windows & lose all your valuable data, when you can simply remove your password right now. Guaranteed!