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Called in because I was having problems making the software work. The call back was in a short time and they stayed on the phone until the software worked. Great software and support. Thank You
Gary Wilkins
That you for a great product I have a school of IT training and it works every time – as close to perfect as it can get.
Patti Marshall
Please feel free to add me to your testimonials page. I am a software and hardware engineer with 20+ years of experience. I am very impressed with your product, your support, and your great attitude. Password Reset is a wonderful and invaluable product. You have been extremely responsive and provided a very high level of service. I need more software products (like yours) with great people who support them (like you). Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
WONDERFUL :) :) I was so upset that I couldn't remember my password but thanks to Dana an this Password-Reset Program I no longer have to sign in as a guest user on my on computer. It was as simple as explained an worth every dime to me. Thank you so so much Dana :D
This program worked perfectly. Forgotten password on Windows 7 with one user so completely locked out. So very simple to download and to use so save yourself some time and stay away from the so-called free fixes. I can not recommend this enough sorry I wasted so much time before I broke down and purchased this fix and I say again everything was perfect.
Bobby G
You are a life saver, rock star and a God send!!!! I went to another site first and it didn't work. Yours did. Yours is AMAZING. I just want to thank you because Dell told me I had to either pay them $129 and risk losing my data or just lose everything and reinstall the operating system. Thank you - a million thanks!!!
Courtney Bissett
This is awesome software. Thank YOU!!!!
Pierre Uys
Dana,I have went on many sites to find a fix for my other computer and have got burned (excuse the pun). I found your site and watched your video. I than left a message and you returned my call to Canada within minutes. You helped me download what I needed and made sure the program fixed my other laptop. It now WORKS GREAT!!!! It is so rewarding to actually find an honest person like yourself that takes pride and wants to help people. Thank You once again for all your help and I will be sure to advise others of your site. Shannon G.
Shannon G.
I researched this solution for a couple of days, sorting out fact from fiction and looking at the various offerings available. Yours was the linked from Kim Komando's page - and that went a long way toward credibility with me, then your fully informative and very easy to understand video (and website) sold me. I downloaded your software onto a flashdrive on a working PC, popped the Flashdrive into the "locked out" PC and booted off the Flashdrive. In two or three simples steps I was back in business! Thanks! What a great product! I felt like a dummy when I accidentally locked myself out of my PC, but I'm glad I took the time to find your solution. All the best,
Jed Marum
Somehow I accidentally changed my password and was locked out. Your software saved everything! It worked flawlessly! Thank You!
Elmo Banning


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