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Password Reset and Data Recovery Tools for Windows - on 8GB USB Drive - Works with Windows OS - Windows Password Reset

Password Reset and Data Recovery Tools for Windows - on 8GB USB Drive - Works with Windows OS


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Brand: LinuxFreak


  • Lost your Windows Password? Reset it quickly and easily using our tool! Includes an easy-to-follow step-by-step printed guide
  • System won't boot? Do you have important data on it that you can't afford to lose? Use one of the included Live bootable systems to transfer the data off!
  • Partition table got screwed up? This also includes a couple Powerful partition editors that work great to restore a messed up partition to normal!
  • -- We sell this USB because we've used it ourselves. We have recovered from nearly catastrophic partition failures, reset countless lost passwords, etc.. with the tools included on this. We designed it to save ourselves time and work, and now we're sharing it with you! ---
  • Works on ALL Versions of Windows up through and including Windows 7. 100% Legal. Made in the USA! Don't get stuck without it!

Format: CD-ROM

Hardware Platform: PC, Intel, AMD

Operating System: Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000

Details: Are you locked out of your Windows Machine? Need to access a password protected account, but don't know the password? NO PROBLEM! Our Password Reset USB is your solution! In minutes you can reset ANY Windows Password - gaining you access to your machine! This is very easy to use and don't worry - it's 100% legal.

Has your Windows crashed, leaving your important documents, pictures, etc.. stuck in limbo? Don't worry! We've also included a couple live bootable operating systems that will gain you access to your partitions, allowing you to backup your data to an external hard drive, or even over your network!

Or.. Maybe your partition is recoverable! Our USB comes packed with tools to fix that too! We had a Windows 7 system with a corrupted system partition, which would not boot, and was not accessible even hooked up to another computer. With our tools, we were able to restore the partition and get our data back!

Don't get stuck with a crashed system and no way to save it. Get our USB now!

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