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Recovery Boot Password Reset USB -Better Than CD Disk- Works on All Windows Versions


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Brand: Hillstar Consumer Group

Color: varies


  • Easy to use USB software. Quickly reset any password on Windows PCs! Works with Windows 7/XP/2000/98 and Windows 10
  • Reboot windows software. Reset Lost or Forgotten Windows Password. Restore PC. Even works when bitlocker has been enabled and with multiple Windows installs!
  • Bought a PC online and can't gain access? Password Reset Key solves this.
  • No internet access required. Easy to use USB based software. Reboot any Windows Password including Windows 10.
  • Gives you access to your computer's admin function so you can reset your password.

Hardware Platform: PC

Legal Disclaimer: Product intended for administrator or original PC owner's use only. Works on all PC's with Windows installed and also works when Bitlocker is enabled and with multiple Windows Install!

Warranty: Lifetime Warranty - No questions asked refund if not satisfied.

Details: Have you ever forgotten your computer's password? Password reset key is a simple to use USB based software that solves this problem!

Quickly reset any password on Windows PCs!

What Is It? Have you even booted up your PC only to find that you can't remember your logon password? Maybe you have bought a used PC online but the seller forgot to tell you the password? Or maybe you are helping to fix a friends PC and they cannot remember the administrator password they used when they first bought it? Enter Password Reset Key!

Using Password Reset Key, you can boot your PC into the special admin mode that allows you to reset your password and quickly regain control of your PC.

No other password reset utility on the market is as as easy to use, require no technical knowledge, and never require a working internet connection before you can get started.

The Password Reset Key is simple to use, is straight forward, easy to understand, and does not require that you be connected to the internet.

Password Reset Key can even be attached to your key ring so you never need to worry about losing access again.

The Password Reset Key has been tested with a wide range of PCs and has been found to work on all types and models that support booting from USB.

And it works on all Windows versions including Windows 10!

How It Works: Simply turn off the computer, plug in the key, and turn your computer back on again. From here you will be able to select the "Boot from USB" option. Once the Password reset Tool appears simply follow the on screen instructions.

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